Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hello September and August wrap up

It's September and I'm ready to decorate with all my fall pumpkins and colors. And I'm 20 weeks pregnant. That's right I'm half way there (well since the Doc is taking me a few weeks early I'm over half way there) and I still haven't felt the little bugger. I did finally gain 2 pounds though and that made the Doc very happy. We're all registered and a shower is in the works. I have another ultrasound on the 15th that is going to be 3D! We get to see little Caden's face. I'm so excited!

We've been plugging right along here at the home front though August was full of some serious tragedy in our friends and family's life. One of my best friend's youngest sister (22 years old) is dying of brain cancer. She was diagnosed 3 weeks ago and given 3-4 weeks to live. It's been rough and sudden.

Then I got a call from another dear friend that her sister whom I know well and have had the pleasure of photographing a few times lost their 8 month old son suddenly. Their story is also heartbreaking. They got pregnant many years ago and miscarried at 8 months. The struggled to get pregnant again for years. Finally turned to adoption and quickly received a baby only to 4 months later have the mother decide to take the baby back. Finally they got Hope and for 6 years were a happy family of three then finally came the news that they were chosen again and were receiving a baby boy, Logan. You've seen these two in a photo post last November. Not but two months after Logan joined the family Anna found out she was pregnant. It was a very difficult pregnancy and she was on bed rest for like 5 months, but Hayden joined the family happy and healthy last this January. Anna dropped him off at the sitters house and he was having a normal day. He went down for a nap and the sitter checked on him a few times, but the last time she noticed his color was off and sadly Hayden had passed away during his nap. My heart just broke to know the tragedy that this family has faced. I shared my religious beliefs about children how pass before the age of 8 and put all of their name on the prayer list in the Temple, but still didn't feel like I had done enough.

Then a good friend who has been struggling since her husband was laid off earlier this year lost her house and was telling me she feared where her family including her daughters were going to live. I was so thankful for my church and the community that is built in which proves to me that Heavenly Father's plans for us are absolutely perfect. I have been shown so many ways that I can be thankful this month that I fear I have not expressed it in my prayers enough.

I also go to spend a bunch of time with my girls Amie, Toni and Chris this past month. It was so nice to have that time out of my boring quiet house. With DJ working 6 days a week 12 hours a day I do hate all the alone time I end up having. I wish I was better at being on the phone cause then I could call people and chat but really I have such a hard time hearing on the phone and end up missing half of the conversations. And we have missed the dinner invites and hanging out opportunities. So to my girls who are always so much fun and I love dearly thanks for all the bonding, joking and scrapping - who loves ya babe!

And here are some scrappy pages I've done recently.


Christine said...

I loved hanging with you too girl! I'm also glad our hubbies clicked so well, that means they'll totally want to hang out so more time for us!!!!!

Toni said...

Now I know why I hate that LO of mine. It's missing a flower :) Great job! And I love hanging out with you too!

Amie said...

I haven't seen that Music Man one...it's a good one! More Memory Makin' tonight!

Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

Fabulous layouts Christine! I remember you made the Music Man one when I was at your house for that crop! I need to get scrapping my pregnancy pics and ultrasounds, way to go for you getting them done!

heather said...

all these pages are really great!

Natalie said...

Lots of great work! Sorry for all the sadness! It is hard when you feel like everyone is struggling and you're kind of helpless to them. It's wonderful that we know of the power of prayer and that it's the best way we can help! You're a good friend.

Jenna said...

Great layouts Christine! And I am so excited that you are halfway there. And I am also so grateful for the gospel and the peace it gives to all of us.

Amie said...

Dear Christine,

I miss you.

Why have you neglected me?

Please visit soon.

Love, your blog.