Saturday, May 10, 2008

Going MIA

It's gonna be a quiet week round here cause I have 5 photoshoots to edit, 1 wedding to edit, and this is in the house........And just so there isn't a riot here look at these - though they are not edited yet.

I think a fly or somthing was passing though this shot, lol. And he will be edited right on out.

So happy!

So in love.

Oh the kissing that was going on........

Ok this one I made black and white so ya'll could see her amazing peace and the absolute beauty that is Robyn!


Amie said...

great pics and wow the happy couple look so great! (we'll miss you this week? How far are you on The Host? the library STILL doesn't have it in!)

Jaime said...

I Love the pics, they are sooo in love and will have cute kids too!!
I am tring to finish the 3rd book in the Great and the Terrible series, because The Host is sitting on my nightstand waiting for me!!! I'm sooo excited!

heather said...

robyn looks so beautiful. I am so sad tht I missed it!


So pretty much you have gone MIA! Have you finshed the book yet. I just can't seem to get into it.