Friday, February 12, 2010

12 of 12 - First time!

I have always wanted to be a 12 of 12'er, however being a working mom I would often forget to take photos and given that we only have 1 hour together as a family a day there was not much to document each day. So this being my first official 12th home as a SAHM I thought it would be perfect to do my first 12 of 12 of my new life. So come walk with me through my day :)

These little golden fishies are a staple at my house. We all go crazy for them and therefore you can pretty much always find an open bag in my kitchen. I have had to ration the little dude cause he shoves all of them in his mouth at once then points to the bag with bulging eyes, lol.


The weather has been so nice we've had the doors open, ahhhhhhh. Caden LOVES to sit by the door with his juice in the morning. Cracks me up. 


This was my art project today. I finally hung some family photos. Next week I'm getting out the cricut and I'm going to add some quotes!


Caden is a super active kiddo and hardly stops for a minute (unless he has his juice and an open door). The only two time he chills in one place: 1. if Super Why is one (clearly he's my kid - the show is about reading)

And 2. if I stand in one place too long (it's his second place he loves to sit).

Here is our new thermostat. So pretty, tells you the temp and humidly inside and out. It has pictures based on the date. Even has a remote thermostat that you can take with you into the room that's allways the hottest/coldest and it will run until that room reaches the level you want. Cool huh? Yeah we just wanted a plain ol thermostat but apperently for the system we have on the house (it's a dual engine system) there are 4 thermostats on the market. This model was the cheepest - $556, cough, cough. Ouch - hope I get an interview this week!

And here we have my two least favorite yet most occurring (daily) chores, sigh - still WAY better then the vipers pit I was working in, so I embrace the loads in my life. Meet Laundry - hello laundry (I usually greet it with a french accent, not sure why)

  And here's Laundry's sister Dishes (she has no accent, though thinking about it I would say she's got a thick New Jersey swag to her, ya that fits). 
totally splurged on these beauties and Caden and I have been enjoying them all week. That kid can pound a strawberry in a minute flat, and that's with only 2 bottom teeth!


Ahhhhhhhh there are choruses of Angels in my home when it's Caden's nap time and I get a ice cold glass of my mana straight from heaven. It tastes so good on my tongue ( Will Ferrel reference there ). 


This is hands down my favorite of Caden's toys right now. His name is Mad Max and he makes me smile :) Got him for $3 at Babies R Us, he's awesome don't you think? I was so meant to have sons!

And last but not least the self portrait. This is so not how I looked going to work. Hair not straightened, no make up, comfy shirt - and yes a smile! Happy 12th!


Amie said...

Happy 12 indeed!! So happy you did this! :)

Christine #2 said...

I never remember it's the 12th, that also a not working problem. I never remember what date it is. This was an awesome post, love it! (My dishes sound like the Frog in the Princess and the Frog...I wonder why?)

wittygal said...

I love it! Who was the big kid in your photos? It can't be that baby of yours. Your pictures are so colorful and clear.

heather said...

that was fun!

Casey Lu said...

Nice to see you doing this too. I have been wanting to try it and see to forget each time! Love the picture of Caden sitting against the door! Cali also likes to sit or well actually squat by my feet to watch her Baby Einstein video. So precious are they!

Liz said...

I would love to do this I hope I can I love when Amie does it.. Just maybe some day... hahahhah
Caden is getting so big

Sher said...

I love how he sits at your feet! soo cute! I'm a goldfish junkie myself! those strawberries are makin' me drool! luv ya!

Jaime said...

Caden is sure a cutie and wow he is growing up too fast!