Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can't wait for this very important date :)

First let me say that I'm a HUGE Tim Burton fan, followed by the fact that I'm an even BIGGER Johnny Depp fan. So when ever they announce that they are doing a project together I get down right giyty. About 15 years ago while writing a paper on the beloved story Alice in Wonderland by Carol Lewis I mused that my dynamic duo should make that tale into a film. I'm sure you can all guess my udder delight when I saw three years ago that they both had signed to make my wish come true (had I known the power I held in that moment so long ago I may have struggled to stay true to the Burton/Depp desires of my heart given all the other things I could have wished true, but you know what they say about hindsight). So I have waited with bated breath for the day to come where I could cuddle up to my warm popcorn and cool diet coke and let myself slip into my favorite place of all - the land of complete whimsy. I adore the absolutely impossible! So here's a little clip of awesome for you to feast on. I hope you can set aside the real and suspend reality for a few hours and let yourself get lost in a bit of good old fashion story telling - it's good for the soul, I promise.

And just a little bit of post scrip info for you all - cause I love to teach you know. Do you know why he was called the Mad Hatter? Well in Lewis' day the hatters used a special formula to shape the brims of the top hats. This concoction used Mercury which long term exposure to caused insanity. Hence the expressionhe's as mad as a hatter.


Amie said...

Oh dear...the eyebrows, I am afraid. Very afraid.

On a side note, i was just noticing that your 'about me' thing on the side doesn't even say anything about Caden. It does mention your 'so'... *wink*

Sorry to be the typo police. Now go be the po-po for my site!

Casey Lu said...

Ehren and I CAN'T WAIT to see this! We also were so very excited to see this when we first heard about it. Is it just me or does Johnny Depp look like Elijah Woods as the Mad Hatter? I can't wait!!! Should be very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Not sure about this one... you see it then let me know okay? I looove me some Depp... but he just doesn't look like himself in this movie. Lol!

Meg Meggie Meggers? said...

Long time no blog comment, eh? I'm trying to get back into blogging. I find it therapeutic and it's been way too long for me. ANYWAY!!! I hope you're all doing sounds like you are. Have you ever heard of/read The Looking Glass Wars?

It's a twist on Alice in Wonderland, and so very very good!! Hope you check it out.

Say hi to DJ. Hope you had a great B-day.