Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beautiful Sedona

We woke up on Memorial Day and decided to throw the baby in the car and get the heck out of dodge for the day. So we thought either Prescott or Sedona, and since we hadn't ever been to Sedona that's the direction we pointed the car and went. We didn't think to really research anything or get directions, duh, so it was a very fly by the seat of our pants day. The baby screamed bloody murder for a good hour of the drive then finally fell asleep. It was a beautiful drive up there with hardly any traffic at all.

Once we got to Sedona we just drove until we found an interesting little corner with lots of trees, terracotta walls and cobblestone streets. So we decided to stop there and do some walking. There were some amazing shops including a photography studio that affirmed to me that I have 0 actual talent with a camera. Oh my heck I would have sold the car and walked home to buy a few of those prints, absolutely amazing.

The architecture was just beautiful. On one corner it felt like a small Tuscan village and then you'd turn around and it looked like old Mexico. I was frothing at the mouth for a family or a bride and groom to photograph. (I just found out that a good friend of mine and here family were wandering around the same day and time we were, dang it and they just had a baby too, great photo op)

So here are some shots from the day. We are so going back in July for another day of exploring.

I loved this frog sculpture. Totally made me think of Mr. Todd's wild ride.
There was amazing art all over this place. I loved it!

Caden was fascinated by the flowers. I leaned him over and he would just stroke the petals then look back at me with a big smile. It was so cool to see him exploring.

I didn't get to be artistic like I wanted cause there was a ton of people and the baby really wanted us to keep moving. Any time I tried to set up a cool angled shot I would have to wait for the people to clear and he would start screaming so I just walked and shot. Oh well next time right?

Even though I'm the size of a small planet, I love this picture of us. The sun was blocked for just a minute by the clouds and the lighting is great and I love how lush everything looks. Oh and the little man is adorable too =)
He was very interested by the waterfall and the sound of the water. I would hold him up so he could see down in the fountain and his legs would start going crazy. Hence his new nick name Crazy Legs Cuglietta.
You can totally see how his eyes are changing in this shot. The look s green here!

And here's the red rocks. Loved them, loved them, loved them.

So it was a great day. We got stuck in the biggest traffic jam I've ever seen and I was raised just outside of San Francisco and have lived in LA. We sat on the 17 and I was in 1st gear for over 2 hours. It was unreal. So any families that want to take the trek up there I'll totally photograph you in that gorgeous little villa of shops. then we can eat at the amazing little Mexican restaurant there, mmmmmmmmmmmm yummmmmmmmmmm.


Amie said...

Hmm..sign me up!

Great pics and I'm glad you had a nice time!

Casey Lu said...

Sign me up too! That place looked amazing! So glad you guys got out and had some fun! We are thinking of going up in July as well. Maybe we can plan a day and go together!

liz said...

oh how I miss that place! I served in sedona for two transfers, right before I came to your area acctually. It is beautiful there, maybe Devin and I will have to work out a trip to AZ and we can go take pictures there. miss you!

liz said...
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Rae Lynn said...

Gorgeous photos! That lens beyond rocks!! What time would you like to do your photos?